Worlds Dumbest Criminal steals iPad and now faces attempted murder charges

August 20, 2010 9:36 am 2 comments

In Denver a 20 year old man was arrested for stealing an iPad from a victim which in return costs the man his pinky finger. According to a report from The Denver Channel 7 News, the victim is a 59 year old man named Bill Jordan who just bought a brand new iPad from a local mall when he was attacked outside. The attackers name is Brandon Darnell and he has been arrested on serious charges of robbery and second-degree assault. According to the report, the victim Bill Jordan apparently had the iPad case wrapped around his pinky when Darnell attacked him by ripping and pulling until the victims finger was so damaged that doctors had to amputate it.

To make things even worse, after being arrested the idiot attacker decided to write an incriminating letter to a friend on the outside trying to put a hit on the victim. The letter was intercepted by the Denver County jail and reportedly read… “YOU GET THIS DONE! AND I GO ON ANYTHING I’ll rob a bank if you want me too. Just do this for your boy and I got you for sure. You know how we do it.” “That’s the address, so handle it A.S.A.P.” He concludes the letter by saying: “I really need this otherwise it’s a wrap!! If you do this, case is dropped. NO WITNESS.” Now the worlds dumbest criminal, Smith, has added the charges of attempted murder on his case.

Smith has still not confessed to the crime even though there is over-whelming video evidence against him but was quoted by a local TV station saying “”I’m sorry for whatever, and for him losing his finger. That’s awful from just a theft. That’s a bad theft gone wrong, you know what I’m saying.” And adds that if he could give him his own finger he would.”

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