Will Adobe Put Photoshop On The iPad ?

November 6, 2010 5:15 pm 0 comments

There are a few rumors circulating around whether or not Adobe should launch its popular Photoshop application for the Apple iPad.

We are all very aware of the constant battle between Apple vs Adobe, so why would Adobe even want to bother putting the application on their archenemies tablet pc? Well the answer is quite simple.. Photoshop is a big money maker for they and they simply cannot afford to not have it on the new selection of tablet devices available in the market.

The idea of Adobe launching their Photoshop software for the tablet pc was leaked out during an Adobe Max Conference that went on last week. The Adobe Chief Tech. Officer showed a demonstration where he used a color paint palette application on the iPad. He also showed the crowd how to use a fill tool on the new Samsung Galaxy Tablet. The screen shot below demonstrates an Adobe demo app being ran on the iPad that basically controls Photoshop on a regular computer that is connected through a wireless network.

Adobe Photoshop iPad app

There are numerous reasons why having Photoshop companion on the Apple iPad will help designers and amateur artists alike. It seems that only tell will tell for sure if the success of the Apple iPad will force software companies to start thinking outside of the box. Hopefully soon Adobe will launch a full version of Photoshop for the iPad, but only time will tell.

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