Voypi- odd name, great app

August 22, 2011 7:08 pm 1 comment

iOS devices have no shortage in avenues of communication. Even when you discount the telephone aspect of the iPhone it still excels in facilitating communication.

With the impressive options you have to choose from is there really room for another app of this type? The simple answer is yes. Consider the oddly-named Voypi (we assume it’s a play on VOIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol) as your next communication app. The concept is a simple one- the makers held to the ideal that you should be able to communicate with whom you wanted anywhere in the world. Unlike many ambitious projects, they actually deliver on their goal. The app has a clean, easy to navigate interface that requires no user name or special login; it identifies you by phone number. For non-iPhone iOS devices just register with your cell number and you will be provided an activation code via text or phone to activate Voypi. There’s no need to import contacts; Voypi does so automatically by importing your existing contact list and identifying those that have a Voypi account. That’s it; you’re ready to make calls or send text messages to other Voypi users!

As mentioned before, the application is dead simple. Installation was quick and we were able to test the app’s capabilities almost immediately after entering in our cell number. For testing we used an iPhone 4 and an iPad 2; the app can be installed on any iOS device and also supports Android (with Blackberry support coming soon). Texting was very similar in function and appearance to the iPhone’s SMS app; each text was contained within a cartoon-inspired bubble.

The app comes pre-loaded with a set of smilies, too. Voice calling mirrored the iPhone’s normal cell calling as well. Just tap the contact you’d like to call, tap the Voypi ‘Free Call’ number (instead of the Mobile SMS or Free SMS tabs) and the call goes through. Voice quality was very good, with no perceptible latency (one caveat- our testing devices were in the same city and on the same ISP; while the app offers free international service we didn’t have contacts at the time to put the quality of international calling to the test).

If you’d like to use Voypi for incoming calls as well just allow the app to accept push notifications. You’ll be notified of incoming calls and messages even when the app isn’t active; handily turning your non-phone iOS device into a cell phone (making it particularly useful on an iPad Touch) or providing free phone minutes and texting on your iPhone. It also has tabs for easy access to recent calls and text conversations. The crowing feature of Voypi isn’t really a feature, it’s the cost- absolutely free. No catches, no tricks; the app is free to download and use and isn’t supported by annoying and intrusive ads. Voypi’s privacy policy is a generous one: they use information you provide only to support the functionality of the app, not to contact you or sell to advertisers. The only limiting factor this app has is the number of people on your contact list that have it installed.

The makers included links so that you can share the news about Voypi with your Facebook and Twitter contacts, and ask that users get the word out- the more users there are, the more useful the platform is, and with Voypi’s wide range of devices supported you should be able to talk to any of your friends regardless of what smartphone or tablet they have. Free is good, free with no strings attached is almost impossible to come by. Couple that with an app that provides excellent service and you get something too good to pass up. Other platforms offer similar functionality, but Voypi offers enough value to compete with any of them. The app is available now via the iTunes app store.                   Rating: [rating=5]

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