Visible Sound HD for iPad lets you see as well as hear

May 18, 2011 7:02 pm 0 comments

There are plenty of visualizers out there for your music library. Even iTunes comes with some default eye candy to enjoy while you impress your friends with your musical tastes. The maker of ¬†Visible Sound HD offers something more- the app is a three dimensional spectral display of either the music playing on your iPad or any sound picked up by either an external mic or the iPad’s built-in microphone. Sounds are transfigured via the Fast Fourier Transform algorithm into an OpenGL-driven display showing the frequency components and volume of the sounds over time. The spectral data scrolls away as terrain picturing the last eight seconds. The app has some rudimentary controls; the amplitude of the waveforms and the color spectrum it uses to depict the sound can be altered on the fly.

Visible Sound HD is a good choice for anyone looking to add some visual flash to their music, or a musician looking to isolate frequencies in what they hear or do. The app worked well with all audio sources, from the iPod function on the iPad to Pandora, and the built-in microphone to the external mic on the Apple headset. The app is for both the iPad and iPad 2, and is available from the iTunes store for $1.99.



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