Video: The iPad 2 goes swimming in a stream of Hot Lava

December 12, 2011 10:25 pm 0 comments

A new iPad video is spiraling around YouTube and it shows an iPad 2 being dropped into a stream of fresh molten lava.

This footage definitely proves that the Apple iPad, no matter how well constructed, cannot hold up against molten lava. Why anyone would waste such a wonder invention goes beyond me, but you do gotta admit it’s pretty interesting to watch!

So the video is obviously a promotional stunt from a website called “ZooGue” that sells iPad accessories, but I must admit, it’s a very well coordinated stunt! I found it extremely humorous when the iPad 2 error screen popped up displaying “iPad 2 Says: Temperature is too high.”

In my opinion, if someone is going to do this, I just hope they have a really good insurance plan. I wonder if my iPad insurance policy would cover lava damage? What a funny thought…

UPDATE: Worth Ave Group, the leading insurer of iPad and iPhone devices on the web, will cover almost any damage done to your device… even accidental lava damage!

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