TV, iPad, and social networking blended in BeeTV HD

May 26, 2011 4:28 pm 0 comments

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The iPad has made social networking even more pervasive and enjoyable. The multiple apps available for Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks have benefitted from the iPad’s larger screen and portability. Now, BeeTV wants you to be able to expand your social networking into one of the few places the iPad doesn’t dwell- live TV.

BeeTV HD is simply a social approach to television watching, allowing you to share favorite shows and moments with friends. The app loads a tiled list of posts from all users, just  your friends, trending shows, or recommendations of shows based on your viewing preferences. The app imports friend lists from Facebook and Twitter and automatically finds those that also use BeeTV HD.

After a short profile setup in which you enter your location and TV provider the app is ready to go. Performance was snappy, and the show recommendations were helpful on nights when nothing we’d normally watch was on. The interaction within the app performs like a group version of Twitter, with short posts displayed under the profile picture and screen name of the user posting as well as a flag if the show is trending or is listed as one of that user’s favorites. BeeTV HD also includes TV listings for your chosen provider via Zap2It, a web-based guide service. You can also rate TV shows thumbs up or down, look up additional information via IMDB, or invite your friends to watch the show as well.

BeeTV was recently mentioned in an article by TechCrunch citing their innovation and considerable investment; to date they have raised a total of $8 million (including a recent acquisition of $1.5 million) to improve and spread their platform. The app is available as a free download from the iTunes App Store.

RATING: [rating=4]


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