The New “Super Bean” app is Both Competitive and Highly Entertaining!

July 26, 2011 7:24 pm 0 comments

For those of you iPad gamers out there the new “Super Bean” app is bound to keep you animated.

The game is extremely simple to use and fun. All you have to do is repeatedly tap a cartoon figurine, and it will jet the character up into the air. The faster you tap the cartoon, the more points you score. However, the figurine will eventually reach its ultimate peak, and begin to fall downward.

Some features available before and after the game are:

  • Try Again
  • Post Score
  • Leader board
  • Credits

Some of these elements permit you to keep track of your progress, and other selections allow you to compete with additional users. For example, if you click on Leader board it opens up a section where you can pick from a wide array of different categories. Such categories include things like forums, chats, fan pages, and a see who’s playing grouping. The Leader Board fundamentals are specifically designed to give people a chance to play together, and create a large range of gaming friends.

So if you are one who is highly competitive and driven to beat all others, then the “Super Bean” app is the ultimate game for you.

The Super Bean app is available internationally and ready to download for only $0.99 cents from the iTunes Store. You can download it directly by clicking here. If you would like more information on the Super Bean app then you can visit the developers website at


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