The New “Diagnostic Imaging Pathways” app has been Clinically Proven to Help Physicians

July 22, 2011 12:05 pm 0 comments

The University of Western Australia’s Centre for Software Practice (CSP), has just released an iPad application that could significantly benefit all hospitals.  The application is called “Diagnostic Imaging Pathways.”

It is specifically designed and intended to help all clinicians and physicians pick proper diagnostic images, when in a wide range of different health circumstances.

Besides featuring diagnostic images, the app includes educational tools consisting of more than 130 major organ pathways. The Diagnostic Imaging Pathways app, also trains prospective health students with many common clinical scenarios and how to go about them.

Richard Mendelson, an MD clinical professor and chief of Diagnostic Imaging Pathways said, “The application is guaranteed to help physicians make accurate decisions, and deliver the right treatments to their patients.”

Statistics have proven that around thirty percent of imaging requests and results are inaccurate. So with the help of this new application, hospitals’ are hoping that all it will do is help make a difference. Many hospitals around the world have been increasingly incorporating the iPad into their workforce setting, so with applications like this one will only further assist physicians into making the right decisions.

The pathways app has been certified and statistically proven by a broad based clinical consensus, and is constantly under continuous review and future development.

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