The makers of iPrizeWheel need your feedback

July 28, 2011 7:32 pm 0 comments

Many of the app designers we interact with are small, independent developers hoping to turn an intriguing ideas into the next big thing. NewReleaseTuesday, the makers of iPrizeWheel (reviewed here recently) have enjoyed some success since we had a chance to review their app, but they need the opinions of users to help improve their product. Version 1.2 has just been released allowing premium users more control over aspects of the app and customization of data collection. While these are welcome additions, the makers are asking for users to let them know how they can further improve their app.

Version 2.o is projected to be released late August, sporting improvements based on reviews and comments such as Settings Protection (preventing unsuspecting contestants from altering the app settings), a link to a web FAQ and instruction page, the ability to export and import custom made campaign settings, and special Premium features like immediate email follow up for contestants and a Kiosk mode where the iPad will display a slide show similar to a screen saver and return to the prize wheel when the screen is touched.

Small organizations like NewReleaseTuesday need interaction from their customers to thrive. If you or your organization has tried the app, let them know what you think and how they can better meet your expectations. Take a few minutes and review the app on iTunes; your comments really do make a difference.

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