The Fastest Way to Get Your iPad 2

March 16, 2011 3:46 pm 2 comments

Apple had not prepared for this kind of demand for the iPad 2. Now supplies are being depleted, fast. This leaves you, a potential customer disappointed, because you wanted your iPad 2 on day one. That goal can no longer be accomplished but, you may be able to get your hands on it within a few extra days.

Below is a list of ways to get your iPad 2 into your hands faster. Note: These are not guaranteed but these methods can help you obtain the new device faster.
Method 1: Wait it Out

Apple’s stores are known for the large lines. Once you stand in line you are not guaranteed an iPad, but you have the chance at one. Apple restocks their stores periodically with iPad 2′s. This refresh happens at any given time suring the day. The Apple employees are unaware when these refreshes occur but chances are if you stand in line all day you will be given the opportunity to buy the iPad 2. So next time you are standing in line and you hear someone say that they are all out of iPad’s stay in line, even when others start to leave. If you’re lucky enough people will leave and you could end up first in line.

Method 2: Find the Vacant Store

Best Buy along with Apple retail stores are selling the iPad 2. So rather then rushing to the Apple store on Times Square why don’t you visit the Best Buy in the suburbs? Or check out the Apple retail store in the mall. Chances are those stores will have smaller lines. No the stores will not get the large supplies of iPad 2′s but will get a nice minimum.

Method 3: Buy the Ebay way!

This might me an expensive option but the option still works. Rather then having to wait yourself people have done the work for you and charge you a few hundred dollars as a premium. Many of these people offer free expedited shipping.

Method 4: Hire a Teenager

Many teens would not mind spending their weekend waiting in line for the iPad 2. Pay them $200 and you’ve got your weekend back!
Method 5: Find Someone in Line

This method allows you to find someone in line that would not mind buying the iPad 2 for you. You can spot them an extra $100 for the trouble and they could call you once they purchase it. This can be most effective if you have a friend buying the iPad 2. If it’s a friend you may be able to get away with just buying them lunch.

All of these methods are only possibilities. Method 4 & 5 are risky with strangers but can be used. iPadnGravy is not responsible for any losses or problems with these methods. Good luck with your iPad 2 hunt!

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  • It’s a little bit frustrating that iPad 2 will be released in Asia on a later date. Given that Apple refreshes products every 12 months, I think they should speed up its release to other countries. I don’t mind falling in line for hours if that’s what it takes to get my iPad 2.

  • apple is tried to slowdown ipad2 for advertising

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