Another zombie killing app? Yes, please!

March 27, 2011 7:54 pm 0 comments

Tactical Soldier – Undead Rising isn’t just another zombie-based iPad game; it offers depth and complexity that many of its predecessors lack. The game is turn-based and squad-level, reminiscent in ways of Final Fantasy. The maps are 360 degree zoomable perspectives of each level, controllable via standard iPad gestures. There are a number of different weapons from small arms to explosives and you have the ability to customize your character’s skills via experience points. Unique power ups and unlockable in-game achievements add to an already-solid gaming experience. The game is visually appealing; comic book-inspired cut scenes help build the story line and the 360 degree perspective adds a “PC game” feel to a genre that often lacks complexity. Gameplay is smooth and the turn-based system works well in iOS.

The game obviously has a violent theme and can be somewhat gory at times and may not be appropriate for young gamers. Tactical Soldier- Undead Rising is GameCenter compatible and will have additional downloadable content soon.

Other zombie-themed iPad games: Plants Versus Zombies

Age of Zombies


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