T-80 Darts lets you have fun at the pub without the pub

January 11, 2012 7:44 pm 0 comments

With the ascension of video gaming a few decades ago other forms of parlor entertainment have fallen by the wayside. It’s rare now that those younger than 30 are passionate about game playing that doesn’t involve a screen. MKO Games, the maker of the previously reviewed Split Apple  have set out to both remind us of why some of the overlooked games were great, while exploiting how convenient and fun video games are.

T-80 Darts is just as the name suggests, a virtual game of darts. Douglas, the owner of a pub, is honing his skills after hours so grab a pint and pull up a virtual chair. The options mirror common darts games: 301, 501, 701 (all of which are the point total you must reach but not go over to win), Around the Clock (hit the point areas in order of 1 to 20), and Cricket (hit only numbers 15-20 and the bullseye three times). Those of you that have tried Split Apple will notice right away that T-80 Darts feels familiar; it’s based on the same engine and has very similar controls. In the same vein as Half Life and Left 4 Dead (two fantastic PC/console games also based on the same engine) the difference in game setting

and goals make for an enjoyably different experience. As in Split Apple you fire your dart by drawing down on a sensor area to the right of the screen; as you draw back the aiming area tightens. The aiming focus is controlled by tilting your iOS device- there is a slight learning curve if you’ve never tried a game based on this sort of control, but it does make for a very engaging game. Be careful not to aim too long, though; being overly cautious makes for worse aim than carelessness. Excel and Douglas celebrates, fail and he shakes his head in shame. Once you’ve gotten a feel for the controls you can challenge your friends in a head to head matchup in any of the games via classic arcade turn-based play on your device.

As in their other offering, MKO Games has included some very smooth 3D graphics and pleasing background music. The gameplay was straightforward and surprisingly fun; it’s been a while since we’ve played darts in a pub but T-80 Darts made us a bit nostalgic. While the game is built on the foundations of a previous app, we think T-80 Darts is a unique and enjoyable offering. The game is compatible with the iPhone, 3rd generation or later iPod Touch, and iPad. As it’s predecessor, T-80 Darts is Game Center compliant. Check it out via the iTunes App Store.

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