sn0wbreeze is a Windows based iOS 4.3 jailbreak

March 13, 2011 9:17 pm 0 comments

A new Windows based exploit called sn0wbreeze was released today, and it gives iPad users the ability to jailbreak their new iOS 4.3 powered device.

In the past, only Mac users could easily jailbreak their devices, but now it seems things are changing with the introduction of these Windows based hacking tools.

This new version of sn0wbreeze is totally compatible with the first generation iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touches, but unfortunately the newly acquired iPad 2 users will have to wait for the next update before they can actually jailbreak the iPad 2. But new reports seem suggest that an iPad 2 jailbreak will be available very soon.

This version of sn0wbreeze is dubbed a tethered jailbreak, which means that users will be forced to plug their iPads into their PC’s every time they decide to reboot their tablet. This jailbreak was created by an iPhone hacker named iH8sn0w, and it’s currently the only Windows based iOS 4.3 jailbreak that I’ve come across. But if you do decide to use sn0wbreeze, then definitely proceed with extreme caution, because this tool is a beta version only.

iPad 2 users, please don’t feel completely left out, because the infamous Apple hacker “comex” states he is currently working on a iPad 2 compatible jailbreak. While comex says that his jailbreaking tool is still a few weeks away from its official release, he has however, released a couple of pictures that show an iPad 2 running the Cydia software.

cydia ipad 2 exploit jailbreak


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