Seido Active iPad 2 Case Built to Last

August 5, 2011 11:27 am 0 comments

The Seido Active iPad 2 Case has just been released, and was designed to offer supreme protection.

What make this case stand out above all other cases are its solid angles. The sturdy angles of the case are intended to prevent damage to the iPad from threats that might emerge from any direction.

The case was built with strong pieces to exclusively offer fortification. Some parts of the case are a rubber polymer, a hard plastic skeleton, and a plastic cover with a built in stand. The stand can do many things for the iPad like mount the iPad in different modes, and put forward fifteen different viewing angles.

Overall, the Seido Active iPad 2 Case is a great case for those people who really want to protect their iPad. It was made deliberately to prevent any scratches, or dings that might harm your expensive iOS device.

If you are interested in purchasing the Active case it comes in all black, blue and black, and purple and black. The case is currently listed for $69.95 in stores online.

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