Rumors Suggest the iPad 3 Will Have A Higher-Resolution Screen

February 9, 2012 11:27 pm 1 comment

A new report from the New York Times suggests that the iPad 3 will come equipped with a much improved higher-resolution screen from Sharp. The report also suggests that the iPad 3 will be released sometime during the first week of March, and not Steve Jobs birthday like originally anticipated by iPad fans.

This newest iPad rumor stems from an unknown Apple employee, claims the New York Times. The rumor source also claims the new iPad has a “truly amazing screen.” The Apple employee who leaked the information claimed that the Cupertino-based company is currently testing the new iPad 3 and that “it’s essentially the same size and shape as the iPad 2, with an improved and truly amazing screen.” The Apple employee also said that the “tablet will include a faster processor”, and the he wanted to remain unidentified because of the fear that Apple would have him killed.

ipad 3 rumors

All of these rumors can definitely suggest one thing, and that’s that we can expect Apple to announce the launch of the highly anticipated iPad 3 very soon.

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