President Barack Obama Enjoys his iPad 2 inside the “DODOcase”

November 30, 2011 6:05 pm 0 comments

New pictures swirling around indicate that Barack Obama likes to protect his specialized top-secret iPad 2 in an iPad case called the “DODOcase”.

president ipad 2In the past, I’ve written numerous articles describing the support President Obama has for the iPad and even a news report about him being the first president to autograph a tablet. Well to most of us this isn’t a big deal, but to the hundreds of thousands to millions of patriotic Apple fans out there like YOU (and me) who actually care what kind of iPad accessory our countries’ leader is using, it is!

Anyhow, the picture below was taken at the White House and posted to their Flickr account showing our President Obama making his Thanksgiving day phone calls to U.S. soldiers stationed abroad. As you can clearly see, sitting on his desk to the right of him is a book shaped object… this object of course is the iPad 2 that is safely secured in the “DODOcase”. You can actually click the picture to see a full size version.

There are no known connections between the makers of DODOcase and our actual Commander in Chief, but heck, if the case is good enough for him to use I’d say it’s good enough for me! Where can I buy one?? It looks like they are $60 from, not bad! What are your thoughts??

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