Perfect Note Taking App For College Students

January 13, 2011 12:34 am 0 comments

With college right around the corner many students are taking their iPad to class with them.

If you are one of these students, then you might want to consider downloading the CourseNotes app, which is a note taking application from a New England based company called “Dear Panda.”

Now the CourseNotes app is not only for college students, but High Schoolers and teachers alike can benefit from this wonderful educational app. It will allow you to easily take and organize all of your schools notes while allowing you easily access them for later reviews. It also allows you to create much helpful ToDo lists all while managing to track your assignments by syncing it directly with your iPads calendar.

The CourseNotes app also has functions that allow you to easily share or collect the notes taken while you missed class. You can easily export your notes with Facebook or even send them to your friends via email. There is also a Bluetooth function that allows users to easily share their notes with their friends via a peer-to-peer sharing feature. Users can also print over the air with the new iOS 4.2 AirPrinting capability.

So if you’re a college student or educator then this is a must have application for your iPad. You can purchase CourseNotes from the Apple App store for only $2.99 by CLICKING HERE.



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