OrganiDoc is an invaluable tool for the Apple iPad

February 12, 2012 4:20 pm 0 comments

Every once in awhile a developer comes up with an application that fits a daily task so well that it needs to be shared, and that’s exactly what Wenjoy Technology has done.

Now that the mobile carries are offering bulk rates for data, surfing the net has become more popular.  If you’re new to Apple you will find that the Apple world of compatible media is just not that big.

There is so much content that Apple doesn’t support it with its native programs. As you surf and collect media, this issue becomes a problem when media will not display correctly on your Apple device. If you were a PC user this would be resolved by having the native application installed.

You can do that in an Apple (if it’s supported) but there are only a limited number of applications. This is where OrganiDoc becomes an invaluable tool!

OrganiDoc solves the issue. The applications features are great and the real magic is how it does its job. Any type of media is recognized and converted if needed without installing every program in the Apple store, or generating some crazy jailbreak  hack.

OrganiDoc organizes media by type, uses clear labels that show the function, it works with the new iCloud service from Apple. With Organidoc you can store on the cloud and you will not worry about “if” you can view the media from your iPad on the go.


I Recommend OrganiDoc, it should be part of any basic Apple iPad setup. You can download OrganiDoc from iTunes for $4.99, which is a pretty cheap price for such an invaluable tool!

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