Now more than ever, the iPad is made for traveling with ONtrack

May 26, 2011 1:15 pm 0 comments

One of the biggest attractions to the iPad is it’s portability; the slim, sleek form is perfect for use wherever you go. The maker of ONtrack provides the veteran road (or sky) warrior with an expansive and powerful tool to leverage the portability of your iPad on your travels.

The app is a rare ground-breaking offering; it is the first app that maximizes your travel rewards and affiliations for maximal benefit. Frequent travelers may amass considerable skymiles and rewards points, but keeping track of different programs, provider alliances, and bonus offers is a tedious and cumbersome affair at best. Like all top notch iOS apps, ONtrack is packed with features, has an appealingly streamlined form, and is easy to use.

When first launched the app will lead you through steps to create your profile, recording the airlines and hotels that you collect rewards from (or frequent most often) and gathers your existing rewards program data from the various accounts you have entered. It will then point out the group alliances your chosen service providers may be partnered into (but by default will focus on the specific provider you chose). From there, the world is at your doorstep- the app will automatically keep a running aggregate of your travel programs, both airline and hotel.

The included travel blog acts as both a shared log and social network: each continent has categories of Questions, Lessons Learned, and Must See/Must Do. You can record your impressions and thoughts on places you’ve been to share with other users or ask questions concerning your destination or journey. The services blog ┬áprovides boards on airlines, hotels, and automobile rentals. The airlines tab has categories concerning general information, rewards programs, elite services, airport lounges, and bonus offers. The hotels and rental car tabs are similar, including categories on rewards programs, elite services, and bonus offers. The list of providers for all three tabs are extensive, and the function handily allows you to post questions or comments on the offerings of any of the listed providers, even if they were not selected during the initial profile creation.

In addition to collating and maximizing your travel rewards and it’s discussion boards, ONtrack also includes an exclusive monthly newsletter for the avid traveler: “Keeping you On Track.” The periodical is well written and contains advice on how to make the most of your journey. While the app is straightforward and user friendly, should you have any questions there is a handy FAQ function listed as well.

The avid traveler couldn’t ask for a better device than the iPad for their journey, and ONtrack elevates the iPad to a must-have. If you want to maximize the traveler rewards you’re earning and make the most of your trip give it a try; we think you’ll be happy you did. ONtrack is compatible with the iPad and iPad 2 running iOS version 3.2 or later.

RATING: [rating=4]

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