New Report Shows that Kindergarteners in Maine are getting new iPad 2′s

April 10, 2011 9:36 pm 0 comments

Let’s take a trip back in time, all the way back to the days when you were in kindergarten.

Now, could you image having an iPad to use when you were five years old? I definitely can’t! When I was five I was more concerned with how much chocolate was in my milk, way more than I was concerned about which computer I was going to be using in class. Of course that isn’t the case now days, especially since these five year olds are already more computer savvy than most adults. Well this brings me to a point that I’m trying to make, the point is that an elementary school in Auburn County Maine has agreed to give every Kindergartner a brand new iPad 2 to use for educational purposes.

According to an article from our sister site iPhoneAlley, a school superintendent named Tom Morill has just approved a new iPad program that will give kindergarten students access to their own Apple iPad 2’s, which will cost the school around 200k a year. The iPad 2 is expected to aid young students with some basic educational purposes, such as learning the alphabet, numbers and etc. The report also suggests that the kindergartners won’t only get to use the iPad in school, but that they can also take the device home as well.

So it definitely seems that Maine is a pretty tech savvy state, especially considering that they are equipping middle school students with MacBooks as well.


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