New BarMax iPad App Helps Law Students Pass The Bar Exam

January 1, 2011 7:58 pm 0 comments

There is a new application on the market called “BarMax” that was developed to help law students pass their Bar exams.

This application was made for college students, however, it packs a price steep price of almost a $1000. Though this price might seem a little ridiculous to outsiders, some reports suggest that the application is indeed worth every penny.

The famous BarMax app was previously released for the iPhone and had earned over $200k in sales just from the state of California alone. However, the iPad version is slightly different and more useful than that of the iPhone version. The iPad version of BarMax is remolded specially to fit the iPads 9.7 inch screen.

The reason BarMax is so expensive is because the usual bar exam prep courses can cost anywhere from $3-5000 dollars. However, the reason that BarMax is worth the hefty $1000 price tag is because studies have shown that students using BarMax have actually done extremely well on the Bar exam itself.

So if you’re a law student looking to get an edge on the much anticipated Bar exam, then I would definitely recommend download the BarMax application. Click here to purchase this app directly from the Apple store.

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