Moshi Rewind- power times two

February 29, 2012 7:52 pm 0 comments

If you’re like us, you have more than one iOS device lurking around your life. Long before the first blog post we had multiple devices running off those proprietary 30-pin connectors Apple has chosen to tether their products with. While Apple is kind enough to provide everything you’d need with each device, dealing with more than one iPod/iPhone/iPad can be a bit of a hassle when it’s time to recharge- especially for the iOS fanatic away from home.

You could just bring one of the included white USB adaptors for each of your devices, but it’s a touch cumbersome. Those of you that have both an iPad and a smaller iOS device have probably discovered by now that the iPhone/iPod recharging adaptor won’t work for the iPad (which requires more voltage for it’s larger, more powerful battery), so you’d need to make sure you have to match the device with it’s adaptor. Conveniently,  the gadget fashionistas at Moshi have a solution for you: the Rewind. 

The Rewind looks like Apple has designed it. The matte white construction matches the included cable from Apple, and the soft, rounded form echoes Apple’s aesthetic. The utility prongs fold into the body of the adaptor, just as the power brick for the MacBooks do. The primary utility of the Rewind comes from it’s dual USB ports; it utilizes a single power outlet to recharge two devices (and as much as we love our gadgets, if you’re traveling with more than

two iOS devices an intervention may be in order). The Rewind is capable of recharging any iOS device that connects via the standard 30 pin cable- iPhone, iPod (while the Shuffle isn’t specifically listed as a supported product, if you have the special USB cable for the device we’d wager the Rewind will accommodate it as well), and the iPad. There’s no worry of matching devices to a specific port, either with work equally well regardless of what you need powered. Once you’ve finished recharging your gadget, the Rewind also provides a cord storage slot to stow your cable. The form was designed not only to match the ‘feel’ of Apple’s product design, it’s intentionally engineered to minimize it’s footprint; making it easier to use and stow. The Rewind provides protection for your precious (and expensive) iOS investment with it’s overcurrent and surge protection.

If you have more than one iOS device, Moshi’s Rewind offers a stylistic and practical way to keep them running. It’s available at Amazon or directly from Moshi.



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