Middle School Librarian Is Fired For Sending Nude Photos

February 13, 2011 8:49 pm 0 comments

Here is a funny news story coming out of Ohio, according to a report from The Columbus Dispatch, a middle school librarian was recently fired because he was sending obscene photos of his penis from a school owned iPad.

According to the report, the male librarian used the Apple iPad to send pictures of his face and genitals to his wife, along with an intimate love letter.

This was all discovered when a 6th grade reading class was using the Apple tablets during school when one of the students stumbled upon a personal message from the librarian that included the penis pictures. The student who first saw the pictures obviously though it was funny, because they then showed it to four other class mates before turning it into their reading teacher.

After the news of this story got out, the parents of the students who saw the pictures then went to the school to report the incident to the officials. The parents were then told that the reading teacher had already reported the incident to the school board and that the district was investigation the situation.

So here is a little advice to anyone using an iPad from their work, especially if you work at a school, don’t send nude photos from a company owned device! If you want to send an intimate letter to a loved one, then do it from your own computer, and not one that is used by other people.





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