Man vs Machine: Gaming World Record Attempt to Benefit Charity

January 16, 2012 8:27 pm 2 comments

Our friends at Bandello have notified us of an upcoming attempt to top the world record of players participating in an online FPS. The attempt is scheduled for January 29th at 16:00 Central European Time. The project aims to get 1,000 gamers together in a browser-based game accessed via the cause’s website. While the game is free to play, those interested need to secure a ticket to be one of the 1,000- tickets can be purchased via Engineers Without Borders – Stockholm; all proceeds will go to this very worthy¬†humanitarian organization, and will help to develop water, power, sanitation, and transport infrastructure to improve quality of life and access to education and economic development in developing communities around the world. Once the 1,000 player threshold is reached no more players will be accepted to this one time event.

The game pits Developers against Gamers in a giant man versus machine brawl. According to the press release: “Man is strong, handsome and red. Man has a deadly weapon that launches a projectile which explodes at impact, dealing splash damage to everything in its proximity. Machine is cold, big and blue. It rapidly fires laser beams with piercing precision when directed to its target.”

So if you’re a rabid gamer or cunning developer, please check out Man VS Machine’s website¬†and help them break the Guiness World Record- and help in a very worthy cause.

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