iVisor AG – the best screen protector for your iPad

October 9, 2011 6:36 pm 0 comments

It’s easy for the iPad owner to find a suitable manner of protection for the aluminum back of their iPad.

Cases abound in a multitude of shapes, materials, and fashions to fit practically any need or whim. Protection for the screen of your iPad has been far more limited; accessories of this type came in one of two forms: flimsy films and translucent plastic sheets. Both can be cumbersome to install and have their individual shortcomings. Films adhere to more than the screen, firmer plastic sheeting is difficult to align, and both are difficult to install without bubbles forming between the screen protector and iPad.

Thankfully Moshi¬†has provided the perfect solution to this problem: the iVisor AG. When the company contacted us about their product line, we were a bit skeptical about the claim that the screen protector was 100% bubble free. Our skepticism was completely unfounded, however; the accessory is as advertised. Unlike other screen protectors, the iVisor AG has an outer bevel that matches your iPad (and comes in both black and white to perfectly match your device). Just clean your screen with the included microfiber cloth, remove the backing of the iVisor and align it with the home button and front camera, and that’s it. The iVisor is more rigid that any other screen protector we’ve tried, but this provides additional benefit as the accessory is easily removed for cleaning and reuse. Once mounted, the iVisor was practically invisible. Our test iPad has a slim Smart Cover-compatible case that fit over the edges of the iVisor AG easily, and the Apple Smart Cover worked perfectly as well. There was no noticeable distortion of images, and again as advertised the iVisor did help reduce smudges and fingerprints.

It’s not often that we wholeheartedly endorse a product, but the iVisor AG is one of the rare accessories that exceeds our expectations. If you’re considering a screen protector you can’t do better than this. It is available from Moshi’s website ¬†for $30. The iVisor is also available for both the iPhone 3G and 4/4S.

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