iPrizeWheel brings gaming wheels to the post-PC era

June 9, 2011 5:52 pm 0 comments

One of the things we love about the iPad the most is its innate ability to be a multitasker- it has become the ultimate digital Swiss Army knife. Inventive app developers have created apps to fulfill niches that many iPad users don’t realize the iPad was capable of. iPrizeWheel is a perfect example of such an app.

iPrizeWheel is exactly as the name suggests: it functions as a virtual game or prize wheel, perfect for giveaways or promotions at offices, shows, concerts, parties, or any social gathering. The start screen provides selections to create a new prize wheel “campaign”, edit an existing campaign, or play a selection. The creation panel allows for the selection of the colors of the wheel panel (two colors alternating on the wheel), the wheel center, and the panel selection arrow. Assign prizes to your tiles  (up to 16 prizes with a 10 character limit) and your promotion is ready to go.

The app is very simple; it acts exactly as the physical wheel it replaces. A touch and drag spins the wheel, and a pop up congratulatory message announces the prize the player has won. The animation was smooth and the sound effects realistic. While the app is simplistic it does offer significant value; the $4.99 purchase price is markedly less that a professionally made wheel and considerably easier to set up and use. iPrizeWheel truly shines when paired with a larger screen via one of the various video out devices (or the upcoming AirPlay screen mirroring feature in iOS 5); the app can easily be turned into an eye-catching display via a larger TV screen. Additionally, a free update that will be available later this month will expand the text capacity of the panels and the ability to edit the congratulations message.

For those that need a bit more than what iPrizeWheel HD offers there is an in-app upgrade to iPrizeWheel Premium available for $9.99. The upgrade offers unlimited storage for created campaigns, up to 4 alternating panel colors, the ability to add your logo to the prize wheel, increasing the wheel’s panel count from 16 to 24, and most importantly data collection tools. The app can collect player’s contact information (name and email address) by requiring it before a spin, and saves information on the prizes awarded. The data can be exported via email at any point in the campaign.

If you or your organization are constructing a raffle or other promotion you should consider iPrizeWheel. We think the utility of getting yet another use from your iPad coupled with a visually appealing and easily applied centerpiece to your promotion makes it a worthy choice.

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