iPads introduced onto U.S. Military Helicopters

October 2, 2011 2:58 pm 0 comments

A U.S. helicopter pilot known as Jim Carlson was in Afghanistan a few months back when it occurred to him that an iPad would be a far more efficient device to use when it came to locating U.S. ground troops.

The pilot found it difficult to have to locate the right map and travel documents to find his fellow military mates. Such a way of navigation was not only difficult, but frustrating to the pilot when ground troops needed help immediately.

As a result, having heard of others pilots using iPads for navigation, Carlson decided to try the method out himself. Right away he took all his navigation documents and uploaded them to an Apple iPad. As soon as the documents uploaded Carlson was able to navigate his way through the sky faster and easier.

In comparison to paper maps, the iPad now allows Jim Carlson to zoom in via satellite and pinpoint an exact location to be found.

Ever since the iPad was introduced onto Carson’s chopper; the U.S. military now has more than 30 iPads aboard their cockpits.

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