iPad Theft – Flemington Woman Caught on Camera

October 30, 2010 9:24 pm 0 comments

Here at iPad n Gravy it seems that we love doing articles over stupid criminals who get caught trying to steal the iPad.

Do you remember that article we did on that guy who is facing attempted murder charges for trying to steal a mans iPad outside a mall? He almost ripped a mans finger completely off!!  What about that Southwest Airlines employee who got caught trying to sneak a passenger’s iPad to their home? The owner able to track the iPad from his iPhone via the MobileMe GPS feature, amazing!

Well if you’re into this kind of thing then good news, because a 23 year old lady from Flemington, NJ has mad the list this time! According to a report, police in Flemington were called to a hospital emergency room after a patient reported the theft his Apple iPad to security personnel.  The victim said that he accidentally left the tablet pc on a waiting room table while he was called in for surgery.

Police went to the hospital and watched the security camera footage and saw Jessica L. Andrews put the device into her purse. The report states that Jessica was also a patient at the hospital, which she filled out paperwork with all of her personal information, brilliant. The police then went to Jessica’s house to recover the stolen tablet for the victim. Jessica told the police that she found the iPad on the tablet and that she planned on returning to police the next day… ya right.

So what is the moral of this story you ask??  Don’t steal iPads obviously! And if you own an iPad, then you might want to consider getting it insured.  This is just some food for thought.

Who would you choose to insure your Apple iPad?

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