The iPad puts the web at your fingertips

September 14, 2010 12:31 am 0 comments

The brand new tablet PC from Apple – the iPad – is an extraordinary device, the best browsing experience you‘ve ever had; it’s the device that lets you hold the web in your hands.  The latest in technology, this touch screen device described as a tablet, looks like a large iPhone and can be used to play games, browse the web and watch videos and movies. In fact it can do everything that the iPhone can do, along with a better way of watching films and playing games.  There was great hype and speculation surrounding its launch and looks like the iPad will be able to fulfill most of the expectations generated by the media.

the amazing apple ipad

The iPad has a large multi touch screen which lets you see web pages, one at a time.  You use your finger to scroll through a page.  Due to its vibrant color, you can see everything in a size that’s readable. The iPad is something that most people dreamed of having, and technology companies dreamed of manufacturing: but as usual, Apple got there first and designed a tablet PC without a keyboard or a mouse.  This promises to be a very useful device that can help simplify busy lives everywhere.  The iPad is not the first such device on the market but its advantage lies in the ability to synchronize information .  Everyone had mixed reactions regarding the success of this tablet since many companies had launched tablets which had failed.  But this promises to be a winner and can be used in the living room as well as in the coffee shop.

The aim of the company was to create a third category of product that exists between the laptop and the smart phone and the company has been successful in achieving this.  The iPad is a portable computer and an iPhone, and its eBook rivals Amazon’s Kindle and Sony’s reader.  The cheapest version of the iPad will be available for $499 while the most expensive version will cost around $ 800.   A provision for a camera and flash has not been made and this has been done to keep its price low.  The company is aiming at having an iPad in every home. This innovative device is something which can be easily used by the technically challenged. Anyone can turn it on by touching a button. You need not know how to save files or format a hard drive.  In conclusion I would say that the iPad is a device that brings innovation in its features, its compatibility and potential right into our homes.  Its sleek and attractive models have everyone rooting for it.  Techno lust is going to keep this in the market for a long time.

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