iPad News show Apple whooping up on Android devices

June 2, 2011 8:22 pm 0 comments

A new survey from Net Applications reveals the obvious regarding the iPad’s current website usage stats.

The results show that the iPad is greatly overwhelming the tablet market as reports indicates that the iPad is used more than every other Android device combined and we’re not talking just tablet computers.

These recent findings are however quite impressing, especially if you consider that there are way more Android based devices than iPads on the market. But yet still, somehow, the iPad by itself was able to produce more web consumption than every other device. Also, the report shows that the iPhone leads the way as the #1 mobile devices used to search the web.  So what does this report say about web surfing via an Android OS? Well it seems to suggest that iOS users frequent the World Wide Web way more often than Androids, so there must be a reason behind all of this madness…   The reason is that the iPad and iPhone not only making surfing the internet easy, but it makes the experience quite enjoyable as well! And as for Android based phones and tablets, these companies still have a lot of work ahead of them if they ever plan on catching up with the success of the Apple iPad.

And as far as the iPad killers are concerned, Apple has had 50x more tablet sales than even their closest competitor, the Samsung Galaxy tab.  If you’re still not convinced of this recent iPad news, then check the charts below and see for yourself.

iPad news

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