iPad Insurance – Should You Purchase It ?

February 9, 2011 6:16 pm 16 comments

When you purchase something expensive like the Apple iPad you might want to consider getting insurance for it, just in case something happens.

People are always damaging their computers, getting them stolen, getting water damage on them or even having problems with manufacturer defects.

When it comes to getting insurance for your iPad or other electronic devices, you definitely have a lot of different providers to choose from. But which insurance provider is the best choice for your iPad? Well here is a chart that breaks down all of the major iPad insurance providers and their specifications, and hopefully it will help you decide.

iPad insurance comparison chart

So as you can see, Worth Ave Group is probably the best choice when it comes to getting the best iPad coverage for your buck. The advantages of having insurance from Worth Ave Group are that they cover pretty much everything; liquid damage, water submersion, theft, fire, breakage, accidental damage, and anything else you can think of. The plan is only $37 dollars a year, which breaks down to about 10 cents a day or $3 a month, and the deductible is only $50.

But if you’re still unsure whether or not you want to spend the $37 to insure your prized Apple tablet, then let me explain it to you a little better. If you consider that most consumers are paying between $499 and $829 for their iPads, and with the nature of this device, something is bound to happen. The iPad is basically a portable computer that people are always running around with and using on the go, and when something is being handled this much, there are endless things that can go wrong with it.

The problem is that most people wish they would have purchased iPad insurance after something has already happened, and this is unfortunately too late. And in this case, you will have to open up your wallet and purchase another device out of your own pocket, and of course nobody wants this. So getting insurance for your iPad only makes common sense… that is unless you have a money tree growing in your back yard that allows you to purchase another device without blinking an eye.

Now it’s certainly not unusual for people to question buying an extended warranty on a product, but in the case of the iPad, I think insurance is definitely the way to go. So don’t wait for something crazy to happen to your prized Apple possession, go ahead and insure your device so that you can feel comfortable in knowing that if something does happen, then you are covered! This is just my advice… take it or leave it.

Here are a list of companies’ websites that will insure your iPad.

NEW UPDATE: For a limited of time only, you can get 15% off of your iPad insurance policy from Worth Ave Group by using the promo code “ipadngravy” !

Who would you choose to insure your Apple iPad?

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  • I use worth ave group to insure my iphone and macbook, though ive never needed to use them, its a good feeling knowing that i have it just in case

  • i insure my ipad through at&t and am paying way too much

  • i broke my ipad and Applecare replaced it no problem

  • does worth ave send you a brand new ipad? how does this work

  • nice piece of writing. keep it up.

  • Thank you for this info! I’ve was searching around for insurance when I stumbled upon this article. I just signed up with worth ave for only $37 dollars.. it seemed to good to be true but it wasn’t. thanks again

  • the promo code just saved me 15% on my ipad insurance!! thanks

  • Of these, which one do your readers think is the best value? Regardless insurance won’t allow you to recover the data that might be lost (which may be priceless!), so I think it might be better to safeguard, in addition, by ensuring that you have a proper case… I decided on a product called iBallz, as it protects it both while transporting it, and while the tablet is in use.

  • I notice that you mentioned that the Case- Mate Venture iPad 2 case will be available soon, but we use a product that is currently on the market (available online) that will work for both the iPad2 and the original iPad, called iBallz. This product is particularly valuable, as it stays on the tablets, while you are transporting it and while you are using it, and will cushion the unit in case it slips from your hands, or off the desk, in either case.

  • Whatever you do, DO NOT purchase laptop insurance from SAFEWARE!  After a couple of years, my laptop started to give out, as they are prone to do with heavy use.  I sent the machine in to Safeware, per my insurance policy, not ONE, not TWO, but THREE times, and they STILL were not able to fix the issue.  Then, when they offered to reimburse me the cost of my unit, they denied me at the last minute because the computer was not in perfect shape– even though they had seen it 3 times already at that point.  This company clearly has NO customer service, and are a complete WASTE in repairing your computer.  If you check the Better Business Bureau website, you can see the MANY complaints lodged against them.  PLEASE don’t make the same mistake I made– Stay away from Safeware!

  • Somehow Worth Ave is not too good to be true. I was extremely leery and suspicious of what they were offering for the price they were offering it for so I got hold of their policy book with intentions of reading through it very carefully even if it took hours. Upon receipt I was surprised that the policy was so short in length, and it’s because it’s as simple as they say it is. If you break it in any way they repair or send you a check for its full value. If you lose it or it is stolen, you must be able to state exactly where you left it and file a police report (the exactly where you left it part is the only catch I could find). As far as it’s “full value” it’s the full value at the time that you bought it. They didn’t even care that I bought my iPad for $150 less because I’m friends with an Apple store manager who got me a discount, Or that it’s almost 2012 and I’m using a very scratched up slow and frequently crashing iPad 1, I’d still get $730 or so for it’s full 2009 price. I sort of wish someone would steal it so I can get a new one :-) . I filed a claim when I broke the glass just 12 days after I got both the iPad and the policy, and they had it back to me with a new face in a week. The policy cost me $59 and the deductible for the claim was $50. I’m filing a claim today because my toddler dropped it and broke the glass again. I know I shouldn’t have let her walk with it, or I should have at least had it in a case, but honestly I don’t care for the extra bulk of cases and I’d rather spend $50 on another claim deductible than on a case. I have no affiliation with this insurance group, I’m just a big promoter because they’ve been good to me,

  • Is the promo code still “good” a year and a month later?

  • Yes, the promo code for worth ave group is still valid!

  • Worth ave group is pretty good…. check out new iPad insurance. They have a really good offer through Worth Ave

  • This looks like a lot of mumbo jumbo to me. If your looking for a legit company that has been really good to me and their customers; atleast from what i have experienced…go to http://www.newipadinsurance.com ;they also insure iphones if you were interested…you are welcome.

  • Take a look

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