Google’s Cloud Print Gives iPad Users Printing Capabilities

February 3, 2011 8:43 pm 5 comments

When it comes to printing from your iPad, there aren’t exactly a huge number of options available.

Well now, according to an article that I just read on, Google has released a mobile application that gives users the ability to connect a Gmail account to Google’s Cloud Print service.

Google’s Cloud Print differs from Apple’s AirPrint in one big way. With AirPrint, you can only print documents if you are connected on the same WiFi network that your printer is on. With Cloud Print, you are able to print directly from Gmail, so you don’t necessarily have to be connected to the same network as your printer. This undoubtedly makes things much more user-friendly, but Cloud Print will currently only work if you are using one of Google’s services.

Here’s what to do in order to get started using Cloud Print:

  • You will need a Windows OS with the latest version of Google Chrome installed. (you need to download the plug-in from the website)
  • Connect your Windows computer to your printer
  • After the printer is connected and Google Chrome is installed, you simply have to enable the Google Cloud Print connector.

There are a few different variations depending on which app you are using, but if your using the Chrome OS, then you simply have to select the icon with the wrench and choose Print.

Here is what you need to do in order to use Cloud Print:

  • You have to connect your Windows OS to your printer and install the plug-in.
  • Then just connect to Gmail from your iPad and select Print from the menu.

Cloud Print will support most of the attachments that Google mail supportS, so if you’re trying to print Word or PDF docs then you will have absolutely no issues. If you get a chance to check out Google’s Cloud Print, then please check back and let us know what you think!


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  • Amazing article! This really helped me understand how iCloud works..

  • Where exactly do you enable the google cloud print?

  • Steve crawley

    That half explains Google cloud Print on an IPad, but what about printing from a browser? It still won’t use this from Safari, or Google, and I’ve even tried downloading Chrome browser for IPad but that still doesn’t seem to have any print option. How do you print from any of these Browsers to Cloud Print?

  • Hey Steve, im sitting with the same thing. Awesome idea but how do you print from the iPad?

  • you could try something like print n share app – i use this via the Cloud to print my webpages from Chrome or safari?

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