Fluke HD brings retro gaming to the iPad

June 8, 2011 6:39 pm 0 comments

According to Steve Jobs’ statement at the recent WWDC iOS devices have become the world’s largest platform for gaming, with an estimated 50 million unique game center users. The iPad plays a central role in this surge of Apple-sponsored gaming due to coupling a vivid 9.7″ screen without sacrificing portability- one of the many factors that has propelled iOS far beyond the X Box’s estimated 35 million connected players.

When the topic of iOS gaming is brought up, most immediately think of hugely successful classic arcade-style apps like Angry Birds. Such games have been the staple of computer gaming since its arcade inception. The maker of Fluke HD breaks from this standard by offering a new but familiar aspect of gaming on your iPad.

Fluke HD revives the tradition of old-style board games, while leveraging some of the capabilities of the iPad to make the experience more entertaining and fresh. The game, like many classic board games, is easy to grasp yet still fun to play. The start menu offers four different boards to choose from (with more coming soon), options for two to six players, and the opportunity to play against opponents online as well as the typical board game fashion. The boards are beautifully presented with vivid colors and sharply rendered graphics, and comes with original background music. You begin with four tokens that must be advanced to the finish line of the course, with various obstacles such as warps that teleport your token forward or back and wildcard spaces that randomly offer bonuses or setbacks. Tap the die at the center of the screen to roll to advance your token. You  must roll a six to introduce another of your tokens to the board, and reminiscent of Sorry! a token landing on the token of an opponent sends it back off the board. The length of the course influences how difficult (and long) each game will be- longer courses offer more obstacles and chances for your opponent to interfere with your tokens. You can share your gaming prowess via Facebook, Twitter, or via integration with the OpenFeint network and the Apple Game Center.

The game was surprisingly enjoyable and very easy to pick up. Gameplay successfully combines the simplicity of board games with the eye candy of modern casual gaming. Unlike the traditional games it emulates, there are no dice or tokens to lose and no board to store; making it a perfect travel distraction on flights or long car rides. It is suitable for a wide audience, from young children to adults.

Youtube video courtesy of Dailyappshow.


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