Fake Apple stores are popping up in China

August 7, 2011 10:00 pm 0 comments

A few weeks ago an American iPad fan and tourist uncovered a “Fake Apple Store” located in China.

This American tourist was already a huge Apple fan, so when she noticed this small, some random place in China had its own Apple store, she immediately started thinking something was sketchy. In her blog, she goes on to provide users with an elaborate and visual experience of the fake Apple stores along with an elaborate video and picture documentary. She even goes on to explain that the employees who worked inside these stores were even trained and actually believed that they worked for the Real Apple Company.

The story regarding the fake Apple store in Kunming, China eventually went viral, which in return led to a full in-depth investigation from the Chinese authorities. The report eventually shows that there are actually 5 fake stores in Kunming alone. All of these stores were completely fake on the inside, but they were actually selling genuine Apple products, which they were getting from resellers.

However, the ending to this story is kind of surprising. This is because out of the 5 fake stores found in China, the Chinese government has only officially shut down three of these stores. So that brings me to a question I’ve been seriously asking myself, how in the world did the Chinese government approve these stores, and what does Mr. Jobs at Apple think of all of this? I’d love to hear your thoughts…


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