DevTeam’s MuscleNerd has already Jailbroken the new iOS 5

June 13, 2011 8:59 pm 2 comments

Well of course you know by now that Apple released a beta version of ther iOS 5 to developers.

Well now, according to the DevTeam’s MuscleNerd, there is proof that he has already successfully jailbroken the new iOS. MuscleNerd recently posted pictures on his Twitter page that show him running Cydia from an iPod Touch 4G running the new iOS 5.

Apple originally took the curtains off of their iOS 5 at their WWDC Keynote, which took place in San Francisco last week. The update included over 200 new features that are expected to be implemented sometime this Fall. Among the long list of features unveiled by Apple in the iOS 5 include the, “iMessenger, Newsstand, Twitter integration, tabbed web browsing, Game Center, Airplay, Mirroring” and more.

As far as the iOS 5 jailbreak is concerned, MuscleNerd claims to have hacked the Apple device using the Limera1n exploit and a tethered boot method. Limera1n is a bootrom exploit which makes it hard for Apple to fix. The only way to fix a bootrom hack is to revise the hardware inside the devices, because a software patch simply will not do the trick. Hackers are still desperately working on creating a method that can jailbreak the iPad 2 using an untethered method, but some critics seem to claim the iPad 2 is “un-hackable”. I guess only time will tell if this is true or not…

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  • George Castanza

    No matter what Apple finally adds to the iOS, there will always be a
    reason to jailbreak as far as I’m concerned….  I don’t think I could
    NOT jailbreak now.  It would just feel weird… .like when I try to
    throw a ball left handed.

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