Cherokee Indians Get Language Support On Apple Devices

December 26, 2010 11:03 pm 0 comments

Apple is teaming up with the Cherokee Indian tribe in order to create an application that will not only teach the ancient old language, but also encourage children to use it more often.

There are approximately 290,000 Cherokee Indian tribe members, but unfortunately only about 8,000  of their members actually speak the language. This is why the Cherokee Indian Chief “Chad Smith” is working with on a way to safely preserve their language.

“You always hear the old cliché, ‘History repeats itself.’ This is one of those historic moments that people just don’t comprehend what is happening,” Chief Smith said. “What this does is give us some hope that the language will be revitalized.”

The Cherokee Tribe hopes that by bringing support for the Cherokee Indian language to the iPad and iPhone devices, that it will in return give students the opportunity to use the ancient language in other places other than just school. Chief Smith and other teachers are known to send text messages to their students in the form of the Cherokee language, and students are then encouraged to respond. But according to the developer, this software is not just for the young. While the Cherokee software happens to be the most popular with students, the technology is also gaining ground with the older traditional tribe members as well.


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