Check Out These iPad Apps

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IPad, Apple’s new wonder gadget, is designed to integrate the functions of the laptop and the smart phone and many other connectivity devices. Its central feature is an advanced version of applications available on all these devices. What’s more, as many as 140,000 additional apps are available for download on your iPad at the online Apple Store (App Store).

Some of the applications include Maps, Notes, Contacts, Safari, Mail, Photos, Video, YouTube, iTunes, Calendar, etc. It can also be used as an ereader if you download the iBooks app from the online store.  It is transformed into a smart phone using VOIP application over 3G or Wi-Fi.

The iPad’s advanced photo sharing ability can make a world of a difference to professional photographers, fashion designers, architects, civil engineers, , students and for people who  need a portable PC onsite .Its apps also include gaming features and Colorsplash. ColorSplash is great for budding artists as it is a painting tool; it also lets you play around with colour in any photo of choice, for e.g. turning it into a black-and-white with a spot of color anywhere you like!

iBooks is another application for ereading. It is similar to, but better than, Kindle because it behaves like a virtual bookshelf, where one can tap the touchscreen to pick the book of the day and start reading. Leading publishers like Simon and Schuster and Macmillan are selling eBooks you can buy online and download onto your iPad bookshelf. You can customize the reading experience by changing the font and type size as you wish. Also the backlit LCD display makes it easy on the eyes.

Data sharing is taken to a whole new level in the iPad’s video apps, You Tube and Google video.

Applications are categorized into built in applications, custom applications and Apple applications. Built in applications include Apple’s internet browser, Safari; Mail, which is a version of the mail client on iPod Touch and allows sending mails without any interface with ease, iPhotos for photo album management, videos for online and offline videos, YouTube, iTunes Store for music, videos and podcasts, and the online Apple Store for  buying thousands of other applications.

Apple iPad apps include Keynote which is used for making presentations, pages for documenting and writing, and managing numbers and spreadsheets with content specific keyboards.

Custom applications for iPad include social media, photo editing, video watching and sharing, eBook reading, web development, games, VOIP calls, utilities, report writing, streaming music, etc

check out these new iPad apps

Thus iPad is loaded with multiple applications which enable any individual to carry out well defined tasks with ease.


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