Car Headrest Mount for the iPad From Arkon

February 14, 2011 8:29 pm 1 comment

If you’re planning on taking a road trip with the family anytime soon, then here is a new iPad accessory that is perfect for long car rides.

The Arkon iPad Headrest Mount will let your kids enjoy the Apple iPad on those long car rides. This headrest will allow your car’s passengers to enjoy a hands free viewing experience for your prized Apple tablet.

The Arkon Headrest mount for the iPad easily attaches to your car’s headrest. It comes complete with two key components, a universal headrest mounting pedestal and a holder that perfectly fits your iPad. The headrest is made from a hard plastic material that requires you to remove your cars headrest to insert the iPad mount, adjust two different knobs for stability, and then you simply attach the iPad hard case holder to the sear’s headrest.

The Arkon iPad Headrest Mount also comes equipped with a built in swivel ball tightening ring. The swivel is completely adjustable and can be tightened depending on how you like to view your iPad.

arkon ipad headrest

You can purchase the Arkon iPad Headrest Mount from Arkon’s website for $40.


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1 Comment

  • This product works wonders in my car. I bring my Ipad for those long car rides with my kids and my daughter hated having to hold it the whole way there. I work at DISH Network and have their TV Everywhere option on my Ipad. The kids get to watch live TV and all their DVR recordings from the Ipad. It makes the car ride go smoothly and the kids happy. Now my daughter never complains because the Ipad is on the back of the seat.

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