bassDOCK iPad Stereo dock for All iPad Models, even 3

February 11, 2012 11:52 pm 0 comments

The bassDOCK iPad accessory by Scosche Industries is a cool looking iPad speaker dock that is allegedly compatible with all iPad models, even the up and coming iPad 3.

The dock has many of cool features like a built in 2.1 stereo surround system that is perfect for watching movies or playing games. The dock also has a swivel feature that gives viewers the choice of watching the iPad in either landscape or portrait viewing modes.

Between the sound and viewing options, the bassDOCK is really a miniature entertainment system for any iPad model. The dock also comes with an auxiliary port so that if for some reason you’d rather plug your Android device into instead of your iOS, then at least you have that ability. And finally, the Scosche Tune Queue app allows owners to make audio changes allowing for a more user active experience.

You can purchase the bassDOCK for a whopping $150 from the Scosche website. Whether or not it’s worth the hefty pricetag, I’m not sure, but maybe you can find a promo code somewhere.

Source: PadGadget

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