Back Stock of the First Gen iPad Has Finally Run Out

April 1, 2011 7:56 am 2 comments

Apple launched their first generation iPad about a year ago to the date, and now it seems that the company’s back stop of the device has finally run out.

This is not a huge surprise to us though, especially since Apple officially stopped the production of the iPad several weeks ago. As soon as Apple dropped the price of the device and added it into the clearance section of their website, Apple fans starting buying them out like hotcakes.

Although it’s not being made anymore, the first generation iPad has definitely made its mark on the world, as the company sold over 300k units within the first day it was available. Apple went on to sell more than a million units within the first month, making the demand for the Apple iPad higher than any electronics device ever made.

And with all of this being said, it’s a not surprise either that the iPad 2 is now having similar success. Still two weeks after Apple iPad 2 was launched, it’s still almost impossible to find the one of devices available, as Apple doesn’t seem able to produce enough of the tablet pc’s to meet the world’s overwhelmingly high demand.


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  • Ipad first generation certainly left its mark on the world as the company sold more than units in the first day it was available. Apple has sold over a million units in the first month.

  • This website is new for me.Thanks for sharing about this ipad.

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