Apple has lowered the iPad 2 shipping times to 1-2 weeks

April 19, 2011 11:59 pm 0 comments

It seems that Apple is finally starting to catch up with the huge demand that the iPad 2 has had over the world.

This is because Apple’s online store is now showing that they are shipping all models of the iPad 2 within 1-2 weeks. This is a great adjustment from Apple; especially since just a few weeks ago they were advertising 4-5 week shipping wait for their magical tablet PC.

So this is definitely going to be good news for the thousands of customers who have waited in lines at their local stores, only to leave empty handed. Another reason this is good for customers is because Apple estimated shipping dates are usually right on, this is according to readers who have told us that their devices have actually been arriving ahead of time. And let’s not forget that if you order an iPad 2 from the Apple store, that they also offer you a free engraving service along with it.

Also, these iPad 2 shipping times don’t seem to be singled out to US customers only. After a quick look through some of the Apple international stores, they are also showing 1-2 week wait times.

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