Apple debuts their iPad in China on September 17th.

September 13, 2010 2:00 pm 0 comments

Apple announced today that stores in China will now be selling Wi-Fi enabled iPad on Friday, September 17th. The Apple iPads will be available through or selected Authorized Apple Retailers in China, but the prices of the Chinese-based Apple iPads are a little pricier than you can buy them here in the US. In China you can buy a 16GB Wi-Fi for around $589, the 32GB iPad for $708 and the 64GB for about $826.00. The same American versions of the Apple iPad sale for around $499, $599 and $699.

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Apple is suggesting that they will offer iPad customers free services that will help iPad user’s setup emails, load apps and more. The Chinese based Apple stores will also host iPad workshops that will teach customers how to use the Apple iPad. Apple has stated that they will offer the iPad in a range of different countries by the first of 2011, but they have not officially stated which countries that will be.

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