Apple being sued in China for rights to the iPad name

February 7, 2012 11:37 pm 0 comments

The success that Apple has had with their products in China can be seen all around the country. apple sued in china

Just a few months ago we reported about the crazy rush to get the newly launched iPad 2′s that left several Apple fans in China hospitalized. But a new report indicates that not everyone in China is happy with Apple or a fan, in fact one particular company is suing Apple claiming they own the rights and trademark for the “iPad”.

As silly as this may sound, it’s definitely true. A company in Shenzen named Proview Technology claims they owned the iPad first, and they are taking Apple to court over the matter. Proview is suing Apple for 240 Million yuan, or 38 million US dollars, in a hearing that will take place in the Pudong district court later this month.

A lawyer from Proview says that the company not only wants 38 million dollars from Apple, but that they also want an apology (ya right!). In a worst case scenario, the Hong Kong based company could win the lawsuit which might ban Apple from selling iPads in China outright! I highly doubt this will be the case, but if it is, I bet there’s going to be a lot of upset people in China.

Also, this isn’t the first time Apple has battled Proview in court over the iPad name. Last year Apple actually took Proview to court over the trademark, and it resulted in Apple losing the battle. A chairman from Proview had this to say after the hearing, “Its arrogant of Apple to just ignore our rights and go ahead selling the iPad in this market, and we will oppose that. We are also in big financial troubles and the trademarks are a valuable asset that could help us sort out part of that trouble.”

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