After several days of downtime, Cydia is now functional

April 23, 2011 9:50 pm 0 comments

For the people who have managed to jailbreak their iPads, or any other iOS device at that, then rejoice because after being offline for over 85 hours, Cydia is now back up and running.

Cydia is one of thousands of websites that use Amazon’s EC2 cloud hosting, which was recently affected by a major outage, which took the company offline. But the Cydia founder “Jay Freeman” has just announced via Twitter that Cydia is now up and running.

After 86 hours offline, Cydia is finally back! I’m eating some celebratory cake, and am looking forward to a night with >1.5 hours of sleep!

The Amazon cloud server that went down was only from Amazon’s Northern Virginia data center, but none the less, it still affected a number of super popular websites like Cydia and Foursquare. What is most surprising of all is that it took Amazon over two days to identify and fix the issue, which definitely put an impact on the websites incoming revenue.

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