A New Zealand School Necessitates iPads as Educational Tools for Success

July 18, 2011 2:04 pm 0 comments

A New Zealand school located in Auckland has decided to put iPads first as their new leading educational devices.

The new plan has triggered uproar from many families who find this arrangement hard to afford.

The school known as Orewa College has recently sent notices home to parents. In the notices it stated, that the school needs financial contribution from parents for portable devices, laptops, iPads, and smaller devices like smart phones.

The New Zealand School proclaims that its goal is to step into a more modern technological type setting for students, with the most up-to-date technology out there.  

With the iPad retailing at $799 on the Apple website, it is putting many families in an awkward predicament. A Labor education spokeswoman by the name of Sue Moroney said, “There are several families that will find it hard to come up with the money for the devices that the school now requires.” She also stated, “I believe the school has got to be cautious to not put low income families in a really uncomfortable situation.” “Like a situation in which a parent cannot supply their child with the proper equipment because they cannot afford it.”

However, the school’s principal Kate Shevland claims that the school system understands that not everyone can afford such high priced devices. So as an alternative she believes that other possibilities can be done to meet the expenses of the devices such as funding or financial support. She also stated as another solution, the school will give all parents as much time as half a year to pay.

Orewa College like many other schools is looking for a big technological improvement for their students.

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